B-Mor7 (Blessed Movement & Original Rhymes Divine)

Artist, activist, educator, mentor, & overall inspiration; dedicated to Hip Hop Culture & beyond.  This lady has been blessing stages for over 25 years with all original, raw lyrics & meaningful words of wisdom.  She can rip the mic to shreds or get u spiritually fed. From Spoken Word to Hip Hop, R&B & even Reggae, B-Mor7 is very versatile. She has collaborated with artists all around the world including the legendary pioneer of Hip Hop – KingCharlie Prince from Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic 3 (The Roof is On Fire)!

Her repertoire consists of ten albums, numerous music videos and a spoken word booklet entitled “Stop Hate: A Spoken Word Anthology on Race Class & Gender”.  She is also in the final stages of publishing a collaborative narrative Critical Race Theory book entitled “Oppression Can Drive A Sane Person Mad”.  From there she is turning her chapter “The Shrapnel Effect: Infiltrating Education With the Black Literary Can(n)on” into her own book, “Break Box: The Autobiography of B-Mor7” to focus on her journey through Hip Hop.

Contact Info: # 401-473-4372 e-mail:



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