Yoga Bio: Hannah Resseger has been practicing yoga for over ten years. In 2008 she had the opportunity to become a certified yoga instructor at the Amrit Yoga Institute in Salt Springs Florida where she studied with Gurudev (Yogi Armit Desai) and many other great teachers. Since then, Hannah has taught children of all ages, as well as a workshop for school teachers at the Promising Practices multi-cultural teacher conference at Rhode Island College.

Hannah has taught at The Healing Circle, Sun Salutations, Body Kneads, Now Yoga and Shri Studio: Urban Revitalization Yoga & the Shri Studio School Project, an outreach team where she has taught hundreds of students throughout RI kids yoga and Hip Hop yoga.

Certifications: Yoga Level 1,  Laughter Yoga, Pre-Natal Yoga and Little Flower Yoga Levels 1-3.  She has been involved in Kriya Yoga as well through her personal yogi Vidya at Providence Healing Arts who she has studied under for many years.  In addition she continues to attend workshops and retreats covering various aspects of yoga including the 8 limbs (ashtanga yoga), chanting and yoga nidra. Hannah even incorporates the science of yoga into her own unique style of hip hop music (B The Way)

She also teaches yoga and performs spiritual rap music at the Vedanta Society of Providence.

Check out her album Raja Rhymes.

Raja Rhymes


Shri School Project

J9’s Community Yoga on MSNBC

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