Ever since I met Tony Tone aka Tony Crush of the Cold Crush Brothers we been building and even rockin’ shows together. It’s an honor to know, learn from, & rock with such an amazing person, legend and pioneer of Hip Hop culture. We first connected at the Trinity International Hip Hop Festival. From there we continued to run into each other at the birth place of Hip Hop party honoring DJ Kool Herc in the Bronx, to BLM events in Bridgeport, CT. However, when you asked me to perform at the Wildstyle Stage Amphitheater I was blown away to be a part of such a historic venue. Shortly after you invited me to do a set at your 1st Annual Bronx Festival! & Most recently I appeared as a guest at the White Lion Brewery where you were honored w/ a Hip Hop Elder award and released the 1st of many Cold Crush brews. I am truly humbled by your energy and intrigued by your wisdom. It’s a huge honor and privilege to be invited and included in these classic historical moments. I truly appreciate you Tone for everything you do for the culture, the preservation of Hip Hop & for me as a female emcee and Hip Hop head.

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